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Answering management concerns you may have

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Some Research behind successful wellness programs

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Creating an Engaged Culture

Depending on how close you are to getting started on your corporate wellness journey, you really need to know the answers to the questions in this video.

Our Universal Truth – Our single organising principle is Analyse, Plan, Execute, Sustain. 

Phase I – Analyse

Throughout the program we never stop analysing progress, so its important to know that we constantly monitor, re-survey and make any adjustments that are necessary. 

Phase II- Plan

Our objective is to get companies to invest in programs that keep the majority of the population healthy, programs that address potential health risks, and if required programs that provide appropriate treatment options for managing chronic health conditions.

Phase III- Execute

This video covers the third phase, and allows a sneak peek of how we execute corporate wellness programs for clients.

Phase IV- Sustain

This is where most companies start to wane, as they lose momentum due to the
disconnect between what employers know are the benefits of wellness
programs and what they’re actually measuring.

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Trust in the process for sustained success!

It is so important to TRUST in the process, and trust that your wellness journey can and
will be successful if you adhere to specific guidelines. Let our team at LAMBERT
guide you towards sustainable results

Request specific content from us, so that we can help you on your journey

Every single one of us needs help in at least one aspect of our wellness, whether it be physically, psychologically, spiritually, socially, emotionally, financially, environmentally etc – you just gotta ask. Life’s simple rule is: if you don’t ask you don’t get…

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Are your employees suffering at work with aches and pains, when they could be helped?

Everybody needs help dealing with discomfort and pain, but knowing how to reduce the pain and come out the other side fitter and stronger is another thing entirely

Are your employees pulling their weight in the Workplace?

They don’t need to be alone on their weight loss journey, allow them to reach out to us for support and let them trust you and us – that we can guide them towards long-term success.

More physically active employees can help your business succeed better.

Even if you regularly keep fit and healthy, you may still not be happy with your results.
Engage with us, and we will share our wealth of experience with you