What motivates, engages and inspires your staff?

What motivates, engages and inspires your staff?
If 70% of human behaviour is hidden, and your employees make approximately 32,000 non-conscious decisions in a day – what hope is there of unlocking the non-conscious world of your staff?
Ask yourself why your employees are telling you what they want, as opposed to what they need? It’s because they are guarding valuable information from you, through fear of being monitored.
Even if the employees were honest, they still may not be able to express their non-conscious barriers and motivators – as they won’t be aware of them.
To get into these hidden behavioural aspects of employee behaviour, we must first understand that each employee has a specific need for one or all of the following:
• Control
• Autonomy and
• Inclusion
So, if you want a happy, engaged and productive workforce, these are the psychological drivers that each employee needs to experience – whilst working in your environment.
As a consequence, companies are hiring workplace wellness consultants/coaches (such as LAMBERT), because we are neutral, ethically guided and trustworthy enough.
We complete an objective workplace wellness needs analysis, a way of finding out what it is that is going to drive these employees onwards in a positive way.