Healthcare Technology v ill-Health

In a world where there is such sophisticated healthcare technology, why is there still so much ill health?

Is it because we live in a society where most people ‘ask for a pill’ for almost any illness?

Some horrific data:

Did you know that 2/3 of adults are overweight/obese and

1/3 of all children are expected to get diabetes in their lifetime – how sad is this.

Similarly, 8 million a year are dying of cancer and

14 million a year dying of Coronary Heart Disease – such drastic figures aren’t they?

The bad news is that 80% of the above is fuelled by what people eat. However, the flip side of this is that something can be done about it – there is hope for those that can be re-educated back to optimum health.

How can we educate people to be more patient, to those that expect an immediate solution for everything?

Changing such behaviours is possible, as positive lifestyle behaviour change is very achievable – even though such changes should be maintained over a set period of time to have the desired effect.

Financial wellness

We are selecting Health CEOs to work with, as we want to help instil ‘a drive for life’ attitude within the workplace – helping businesses thrive financially and healthily.

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