How to become an employer of choice?

Business Wellness Program.

How to become more highly respected within your industry, and an employer of choice?

Business Wellness Program

Once you get your employees to feel the difference between lip service and true caring, everything will begin to change -and your workplace culture will take a turn for the better.

Without clear direction, employees may struggle with where they’re going on the road to better health, because they can’t see the leader’s vision – and the overall health of the organisation will not improve.

Before commencing a Business Wellness Program it is important to incorporate wellness into the vision/mission statement, to position it within the strategic functioning of the company.

Distributing the responsibility

It is extremely important from a strategic perspective to empower other executives, managers and frontline employees – to ensure wellness is embraced and adopted throughout all levels of the company.


Wellness must remain part of the fabric of the company for years to come, even if/when the CEO leaves.

The wellness programme must survive and thrive in many different cycles, so CEO’s must be aware that it’s going to take more than weeks or months.

Be patient and keep expectations low

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