Important Employee Feedback

Employee needs analysis

When we perform our employee needs analysis, some of the comments and feelings shared are really astounding – so here are a few that may help you.

For example:

One member of staff said ”I made the mistake of caring too much, and although I wanted to do a great job and be loyal it never got me anywhere.

How do you think your staff feel about working at your company?

Another member of staff noted that:

”The lack of reward (monetarily or otherwise)eroded my motivation, so I worked my hours, did what was required and went home to my family.”

The majority of your staff may feel the same way, so how can you make the difference to their time working for you?

If most of them think that, when they quit the boss will simply bring in a replacement, like they were never even there at all – is it not worthwhile making their stay with you an enjoyable one?

Who knows, they may even enjoy it there and stay…

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