Managing employee fatigue can minimise absenteeism

Employee fatique and absenteeism.

EmployeeEmployee fatique and absenteeism

If you are able to manage employee fatigue, then this can help to minimise absenteeism?

Similarly, if you have the visibility to assess the impact of absenteeism ‘on costs and organisational performance’ then you will more than likely be at an advantage compared to your competitors. This is one of the many aspects of employee fatique and absenteeism

Employee absence is expensive though, especially for manufacturing businesses, but it is not often tracked. So if you are able to calculate its full cost, then you can discover its impact on your business performance.

An employee being absent means you have to fill the position that has been left, and in many cases means you have to employ a temporary worker.

Overtime charges can double your business costs in wages, but some employers make the fatal mistake of not hiring temporary workers at all. This places heavier workloads on other employees, which disrupts their daily routine and can lead to unnecessary stress.

If you maintain information about time and attendance in multiple databases and paper files, you will have a greater visibility – meaning you can easily determine the following:

* The size of the problem,

* Its cost,

* Potential ways to solve it.

Workplace wellness programs can give you a better understanding of issues such as absenteeism.

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