Positive Psychology at Work

According to Schwartz, (2015) mental ill-health within the workplace is a major economic burden for business owners. The introduction of this kind of coaching programme can therefore add a lot of value to workplaces, with the following value on Investment (VOI):
o A decrease in absenteeism, and returning the employee back to a job better-trained and qualified
o A reduction in any toxicity within the working environment, addressing any bullying etc and
o An overall increase in job retention
Similarly, in terms of being sick less often, there can be potential savings in medical and disability costs – with a reduction in the following:
o Depression
o Anxiety
o PTSD and
o Occupational distress
Business owners have managed to embrace these types of wellness programmes, specifically focussing on the pursuit of the following positive individual goals:
↑ Mental health
↑ Intentional goal striving
↑ Happier work and home life and
↑ Feelings of wellbeing and living longer
(Sheldon, Ryan, Deci and Kasser, 2004).
The development and maintenance of positive psychological wellbeing is therefore of critical importance, but it is the responsibility of everyone within the workplace – mainly for employers to implement a coaching program for employees.

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