Stress is a hazard to businesses

Stress in Business.

Stress in Business
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With our experience of delivering workplace wellness programs, we have discovered that stress has become one of the top workplace hazards.

On a day-to-day basis, stress in business  and  the workplace seriously impeded organisational functioning, especially when there is understaffing, tight schedules, malfunctioning equipment, or impatient or demanding clients etc.

Stress may occur when:

o Employees feel they have little support from supervisors and colleagues

o Employees feel they have little control over work processes, and that work demands are unmanageable

o Employees feel there is little job security

o Employees feel there is little opportunity for advancement or professional development

The majority of our success comes when we are able to reduce the stress of employees, finally helping them to balance their work and their life. Our unique coaching program gives employees tools to prevent and manage any work-life related stress they may have – amongst other health issues.

The Opportunity Cost of Not Doing Something…

”Do you want to be the business owner that offers a helping hand to those individuals with conditions such as stress, cardiovascular disease, obesity and musculoskeletal disorders in order to help them perform better at work?#

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