Employees are more likely to be able to cope with work-life demands with better exercise and nutritional habits.
I try really hard to eat well and train often.
I enjoy walking, and blend running with gym-based exercise and have been eating and training well for the past 40years now, but i still struggle on occasion – mentally and physically. I use supplements when i know i am deficient in certain areas.
What’s your choice of exercise, and do you eat nutritious foods – drink plenty of water?
More importantly, do you get the results that you want?
Biddle and Mutrie, (2008) reported that in the USA alone $75 billion in medical costs is contributed to by inactivity. This is significant data, due to the fact that in the USA the combination of inactivity and detrimental dietary patterns are leading factors – contributing to mortality.
This study however, was over 10 years ago – so can you imagine what the data is like today?
Physical inactivity has also been examined as a contributing factor in a variety of cancers, and a decline in bone mass too (McGinnis and Foege, 2003).
Message us if you have any physical activity/nutrition questions, or if you want to discuss any other areas of your wellness that you are struggling with?

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