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Introduction to Lamberts Wellbeing


LAMBERT, founded in 2014, is a leading provider of professional services in wellbeing. Together with our team of fully qualified specialists, we are devoted to helping corporates, community organisations and individuals optimise performance, health and wellbeing.

We are committed to ensuring that health and wellbeing are seen as an integrated part of life.

LAMBERT offers services in the corporate wellness space, as this allows us to help the largest amount of individuals from different communities – utilising our various coaching programs.

The problems our services solve relate to: 

  • Underproductive workforce’s 
  • Increasingly high absenteeism
  • Employees suffering from stress and 
  • Unmotivated employees at work

To name only a few.

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Whether you believe “corporate wellness programs work, or don’t work…” our experience shows that when you help your employees with their wellness needs, this in itself helps your business needs – its really that simple!

Everybody needs help, and great care must be taken to help those that struggle the most.

With Wellness Everything is Personal

My journey begins and ends with individuals – everyday people like you and me (whether you work or don’t work) people within communities, leaders of businesses and employees that want to be looked after as they age within a workplace where they spend most of their daily life.

Today we are told to work longer, so in order for health to be maintained for longer takes a certain dedication but the guidance and education must be related to each and every individual – one-size does not fit all when it comes to corporate wellness programs.

Lady doing yoga on an office desk
Lambert Corporate Wellness.

For LAMBERT, everybody needs help, and great care must be taken to help the helpless – most corporate wellbeing programs only help the ones that were already on the journey.

Certain employers want help but don’t know how to ask for it, or know who to approach, and deep inside they want to lead from the front and want to be shown – it is always our honour to show them the way.

a coaching intervention

A quick glimpse of my/our experience

As a Health & Wellbeing Manager/military advisor with the UAE government/Armed Forces, I was ultimately responsible for successfully strategising, implementing, managing and overseeing the first ever intake of the Emirate’s National Conscription Program.

In effect I was responsible for the wellbeing of over 22,000 individuals. Although my role as a military contractor (rank equivalent to a captain in the UK military) encompassed many roles and responsibilities, ‘corporate’ wellbeing accounted for well over 50% of the entire program.

It was a monumental undertaking. A regional first. Never been done. No benchmark. I worked with my team to conceptualise the entire program from scratch.

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